Group Programs

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Campbell House is proud to offer a variety of hands-on programs for students and adult groups. The programs have been created to complement the school curriculum; however, they can be customized to suit a particular group.

All our programs include a tour of the house. 

To book your program:
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Baking Programs

Help our interpretive staff with traditional baking in the Historic Kitchen over the open hearth. This program is suitable for all ages and offers opportunities for hands-on learning. Best of all, you get to eat what you cook! While gingerbread cookies are the standard for this program, please ask if there is another historic recipe you would prefer.

Fee: $5 per student; minimum charge of $50 per group.

Program Time: 1.5 hours minimum (includes house tour).

After Hours Adult Baking Programs

This Winter, get cozy and warm by the fire with a glass of wine and freshly baked goods. Make the most out of your Winter evenings by experiencing hands-on baking over the open hearth in our 19th century brick kitchen. Have fun with your friends and family baking cookies (following some historic and not-so-historic recipes) and enjoying a guided tour of an early 19th century house – the oldest standing building from the old town of York!

Group rates: $125 for gingerbread cookies and a glass of mulled wine; $150 for Shrewsbury biscuits and a glass of Madeira wine. 10 people maximum.

Program Time: 1.5 hours minimum (includes house tour).

Types-Trial Reenactment

Students re-enact the famous trial where William Lyon Mackenzie took the Family Compact to court. Extensive pre-visit materials help students with role playing. Suitable for grades 7-8 and high school law classes. Please note: this program is restricted to grade 7 or older.

Fee: $5 per student; minimum charge of $50 per group.

Program Time: 2 hours minimum