House on Wheels, curated by Bronwen Roach

Strathy family in front of Campbell House 1972, Campbell House arriving
About 1876, Strathy family in front of Campbell House, at its original location (Adelaide and Frederick streets) 1972, Campbell House arriving at its new site at Queen and University

Asif Rehman

part of the Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival

Asif Rehman, Mombasa, Boxer, PhD CandidateMombasa, Boxer, PhD Candidate Asif Rehman - Anonymous PilgrimAnonymous Pilgrim Asif Rehman - Parul, Dancer, ChoreographerParul, Dancer, Choreographer

Michelle Louise Wilson

Stablein and Morris by MIchelle Louise Wilson
Stablein and Morris, 5 years

Studio Artists of the Women’s Art Association of Canada
Best of Eight

Best of Eight features selected work by Judith Davidson Palmer, Marjorie Moeser, Wendy Weaver, Wenda Watt, Beryl Goering, Gail Read, Patricia Howard, and Carolyn Jongeward.
Women's Art Association of Canada seal reading "Labore et Constantia"